Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®
Zena Rommett is the originator of the most widely recognised method of floor barre, used by professional dancers all over the world, particularly in New York City where this technique has been practised since 1960s.
Experience the gentle, yet effective benefits of Ms. Rommett’s Mastery technique.
Using the floor to correct and refine body alignment, strengthen joints, and address musculoskeletal functions, Floor- Barre® creates long exquisite lines. Based on ballet, Zena Rommett’s work is recommended by notable medical practitioners for dancers and non-dancers. 
Mara is a certified Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® teacher, fully DBS checked, and have been teaching professional dance companies, athletes, and elderlies in London and internationally; and has taught for some of London’s leading studios.
Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®
  • Corrects & Refines Body Alignment
  • Strengthens Joints
  • Lengthens and Strengthens Muscles
  • Increases Vitality & Artistic Expression
  • Is Doctor Recommended for Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
About Zena Rommett

Zena  was of Italian descendent and arrived in Manhattan as a little girl in 1925, where for eight years she trained on a full scholarship with Anatole Vilzak and Ludmilla Schollar of Ballets Russes, Elisabeth Anderson-Ivantzova of the Bolshoi, and with choreographer Chester Hale. She went on her career as a ballerina dancing major roles choreographed by George Balanchine, Lerner and Loewe; to mention a few.
In 1965, American dance legend Robert Joffrey invited Zena to teach ballet at his American Ballet Center. Three years later Zena opened her own school in Greenwich Village. In her own domain Zena originated Floor-Barre®, her revolutionary proto-technique.

By utilizing the floor, and without the stress of gravity associated with ‘standing’ at the ballet barre, dancers learn to align their bodies, lengthen their muscles, strengthen their joints, and fine-tune their movements.

Floor-Barre® makes it possible for dancers to execute classical ballet movements with principles of alignment which are anatomically correct, and by using only the appropriate muscles.

For over 60 years, Zena Rommett has earned the respect of the medical profession as a pioneer in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Floor-Barre® receives endorsements from prominent physicians specializing in the treatment of dance and sports injuries. Her influence and her fame are global.

Zena’s long lists of devotees include stars of Broadway, ballet, film and sports, and prominent professionals in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Ms. Rommett has acquired a reputation as a “modest legend” among countless gifted performers whose careers “owe it all to her genius”, helping them achieve a new level of confidence and freedom in pursuit of perfection.

Zena’s quest for purity in movement impulses allows these dancers freedom, helps them maximize their talents and extend their professional careers.
Zena offered her invention to professional dancers, young dancers, and people from all walks of life and ages desiring the alignment and strengthening health benefits of Floor-Barre®.

Mara’s experience:

‘ Zena Rommett Floor Barre® has proved to be a revolutionary step in my training bringing to my body astonishing and necessary changes that years of different techniques could not provide. Zena Rommett mastery technique equipped my dancing body as well as my general physicality with length, alignment and strength and is now a fundamental in my training. Maximising the (dance) technique, I personally feel it frees the artistic expression. I strongly recommend it to the professional dancer, the pre-professionals, children, and to whoever is serious about undertaking a professional dance career. It provides a strong and effective basis in the prevention and recovery of injuries, and is highly effective and suitable on everyone body from the young to the elderly. You don’t need to believe it works to see the results, once you try it you will believe in its magic! ‘

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