VortexHealing® Divine Magic Healing

About VortexHealing®

VortexHealing® is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awakening that channels divine light and consciousness— to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken to your True Self.

This is the Merlin lineage.

Mara is a registered VortexHealing® practitioner. As a certified Vortex healer, Mara is based in London and has completed the following trainings:
  • Foundational Training
  • Magical Structures 
  • Sensing
  • Earth Shift and Karmic Intensive
  • Multi-Frequency and Merlin’s Jewel
  • Genetics and Multi-Frequency Devices
  • LifeForm
  • Omega
  • Core Veil
  • Inner Veil
  • Deepening in Awakening and Embodiment
  • Jewel
  • Being-Is, Universal Veil & LCF
  • I-Point  & (no) Self
  • Opening the Creative Channel
  • Merlin’s Grace & Multi-Dimensional Healing
What is VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing? 

VortexHealing® is a powerful, holistic system of energetic healing from the Merlin lineage, which works solely with divine light and consciousness. It derives its name from a particular divine energy- vortex that is brought in through the heart and which becomes a vehicle for divine presence to manifest healing and transformation.

The deep connection to this divine presence is what makes VortexHealing®so unique, for the beginning practitioner can channel not just very powerful healing energies— the 49 unique forms of divine Vortex Light—but also the consciousness of the divine presence itself, and have all that be bridged deeply into whomever is being treated.

 This enables VortexHealing® to perform extraordinary healings on the physical and emotional level as well as to release the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings. They are transformed directly by divine consciousness, at all levels of our energy system & consciousness. At the same time, we are dropped deeper into our alignment with Divine and True Self.

The power of VortexHealing® can be demonstrated by using it  on a “non-living” musical instrument (where no placebo effect is possible); its sound is audibly transformed with a short VortexHealing®  With just the first level of VortexHealing® training, even the acupuncture system can be energized and cleared. All VortexHealings®are guided by the divine intelligence within the Vortex.

This divine presence, which is the source of all the grace and healing power of this lineage, refers to itself by the name “Merlin”, which is why this is called the Merlin lineage. The Merlin of the Arthurian legend was one of the human teachers of this lineage.

Philosophy and Goals of VortexHealing®

The view of VortexHealing® is that all of life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity), expressing Itself as this amazing experience of creation. But our basic experience of life is that of being separate from everything else, which creates all kinds of issues and false identities that, over time (and lives), imprint or condition every level of our human system, and generate suffering. 

This web of this conditioning is almost unimaginably deep, completely distorting our experience of being human. It creates all kinds of emotional issues, mental attitudes, and blockages in our human energy system, which ultimately generates weakness and physical disease.  

The intent of VortexHealing® is to release this conditioning on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that health prevails.

But the goal of VortexHealing® is also much larger than this. It is designed to create enough inner space from the webs of personal conditioning and enough self-awareness so that we can begin to awaken out of our conditioned web of reality to the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature.

 Although the tools of VortexHealing® are designed to generate physical and emotional health (and they do so fantastically), on a deeper level they are designed to facilitate the deepest movement of healing that is possible, which is this kind of inner awakening to our true nature.
(Throughout the VortexHealing® trainings, the divine source of the lineage is continually preparing the student to have this awakening,  ‘ripening’ them towards it, so that by a certain level of training, the awakening can actually be implemented in a class that is specifically designed for this.) 

VortexHealing® can also be used for facilitating earth-shifts and accessing the immense amount of Divine assistance that has become available for our present human acceleration. This is the broader aspect of VortexHealing. In advanced Vortex work, practitioners learn techniques that enable them to open Vortex spaces over towns and cities, and they learn open Divine Funnels and Divine Doors in places, to bridge more Divinity into the planet and into human’s consciousness. We also gather in groups to create a larger-scale planetary healings.

VortexHealing® can help with:

– childhood trauma
– physical issues, injuries and infections
– emotional issues and sense of Self
– relationship issues
– depression, anxiety, sense of loss
– spiritual awakening
– spirit-possession and building-infestation
– space-clearing and healing of land

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of the R.Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information, on VortexHealing visit http://www.vortexhealing.org

Personal and relational healing

Mara offers one-to -one hands on VortexHealing sessions, as well as group healings, and relationship healing; pets and land healing.
Most of the Vortex work can be done just as efficiently in person as well as AT DISTANCE.
Healings can also be performed on a departed Soul up to six weeks after their death.

Interaction between people is interwoven in the astral realm, and over time the emotional positionality expressed by each person builds up and the person starts to interact with that built up position instead of directly with another other person.

This ‘ field ‘ exists also on a personal karmic level, and on a general Universal Consciousness level that holds all personal interconnections of karmic cause and effect from the beginning of each being’s personal history; and between two ancestral genetic lines on a karmic level. VortexHealing can clear your interactions from this builds up and so much more.
You do not need to acknowledge the other person if you wish to receive a relationship healing.

‘  ” VortexHealing”is a registered service mark of the R.Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information, on VortexHealing visit www.vortexhealing.org 

Distance healing

Most Vortex frequencies and techniques are just as effective channeled at distance as they are in person.

Mara can perform healing for people, groups, relationship, pets, buildings as well as lands and cities; at distance, anywhere in the world. She will discuss with you an appropriate time to receive the healing, according to your personal needs and world time zone.
Healing can also be performed on a departed soul up to 5 weeks after their death.

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of the R.Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information, on VortexHealing visit http://www.vortexhealing.org

Land/pet healing

Lands, crops, animals, plants and gardens; all are Gaia’s beings (Gaia being the living consciousness of the planet Earth) and like humans, all living creatures of our planet respond to Gaia’s natural energies and intricacies.

The Divine healing techniques of VortexHealing® can restore the blockages, imbalances and conditioning that afflicts them the same way it does on humans.

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of the R.Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information, on VortexHealing visit http://www.vortexhealing.org

Space clearing/entities & ghost release

A general space clearing is particular useful:

— when moving to a new house
— after a heavy fight
— in your office
— after the loss of a beloved one
— to freshen up and re-establish a place’s harmonic flow and energies balance
— when starting a new job/phase of life/new relationship

The astral realm interpenetrates all of our familiar 4-dimensional space- time world dimensions. Everything we think, feel and build leaves an impression; a remark on the astral plane.
Over time, the building up of emotional charge in a place, can make the space feel heavy, uncomfortable, stiff, and you may find yourself not at ease or emotionally overwhelmed, as well as tensions in the interaction between peoples in a given environment seem to arise, for apparently no reason.
Furthermore when the ‘tissue’ that separates our realm from the astral realm gets torn, beings from higher dimensions can permeate in our field of consciousness influencing our reality. 
Enough emotional pain, trauma, a focused emotional negativity can cause this kind of energetic opening, leaving open access to those energies to come through and get attached to someone or something like an object, a place or a building.
As an advanced VortexHealing® practitioner Mara can clear quickly and efficiently emotional imprints accumulation, as well as a person’s system, an object, building or house from other dimensional energies and beings; and seal the ruptures in the astral, even AT DISTANCE! 
 Ghosts inhabit places and sometimes they can start interfering with the living and create strange happenings.
Ghosts aren’t what we are used to think they are, they are not lost souls that did not cross the right way.

Ghosts are leftover pieces of the emotional body ( we have 7 energetic bodies ) of a departed person, that with enough emotional energy of attachment to something, or someone on the Earth, somehow will create a cohesion and their human- alike form is kept.

Spirits and ghosts are quickly and effectively released from a place, EVEN AT DISTANCE, and harmony and balance of the place can be restored.
Mara is naturally highly receptive of other-dimensional beings and emotional imprints and has experience in space-clearing and spirit releasing prior to her VortexHealing® training. She deems VortexHealing to be the most direct and effective tool for space-clearing and spirit release, due to its closeness of presence of Divinity at the time of healing, as VortexHealing® channels directly from Divine Source. 
Genetics & more wizardries

Ancestral history within the DNA is an essential part of the energetic & consciousness structure of the DNA. Ancestral conditioning arising from within the body, it’s one of our many fonts of conditioning.

This emotional-history genetic-karmic memory merges together with your personal karmic history into your personal consciousness.
On her level of VortexHealing® training, Mara can work on a genetic level. Vortex will not change the genetic code, but will change its consciousness, therefore changing the expression of it.

Genetic work can:

  • Clear your personal present life, past lives and ancestral karmic imprinting on the DNA and RNA
  • Genetically modify DNA & RNA expression
  • Clear epigenetic of negative influences from DNA. RNA and micro-RNA
  • Clear negative epigenetic from a focused organ, system or issue
  • Clear epigenetic from personal karmic history ,mother, father, other sources of bad conditioning
  • Create a new DOT chromosome that facilitates human’s evolution in consciousness
  • Enhance organs and body systems
Pujas/ blessings
Puja or pooja (IAST: pūjā; Devanagari: पूजा; IPA: [puːd͡ʒɑː]) is a spiritual or religious ritual.
With VortexHealing® tools Mara can perform these blessings channeling directly from Divinity. Infinite heavenly blessings will be brought into the situation you require your blessing, and will be brought forward IN LINE WITH DIVINE WILL.

Examples of Pujas are:

  • Planetary and Astrological Pujas (to harmonise the planetary influences over you)
  • Safe travel pujas
  • Finance and career
  • Pujas for an event, wedding, party or court case
  • Health and wellness
  • Relationship
  • Love
  • A puja that invokes a particular Divine being such as Christ or Kali
  • Puja for a particular situation, conflict
More Wizardries
  • Send healing to  a departed Soul (up to 6 weeks after death)
  • Ayurvedic Dosha balancing done with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing
  •  Bridging of Divinity directly into one’s heart and system, included Divine Mother and Christ consciousness
  • Clearing human ego positions ( there are about 223 of them ranging from worthlessness to pride, timidness, insecurity, control, boredom etc.)
  •  Bringing in a particular energy in one’s house
  • Opening portals to any realm or at any time and place in space (Divine intelligence will bring a quality for healing that is beneficial to you from that particular place/time or realm.) 

  • Clear conditioning in the fascia system, and biochemical pathways
  • Break down mental body structures
  • Break down emotional body structures
  • Awaken and clear identities at the 5th Dimensional level, and conditioning into the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions and into incarnational body and consciousness
  • Transform the vibrational quality and functioning of tissue, organs, and brain
  • Transform the cellular consciousness (especially for brain and nervous system)
  • Clear Higher Dimensional Blueprints in the 5th and 6th dimensions and make new Higher Dimensional Blueprints in the 5th and 6th Dimensions
© Marabrami.com Disclaimer

VortexHealing® and energy healing are complementary healing tools. They are not a replacement for medical treatment or counselling and doesn’t intend to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease, physical or mental. Any information, instruction or advice given during a session is not a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. Please consult your Doctor or physician for medical issues or a qualified counsellor for mental health issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of the R.Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information, on VortexHealing visit http://www.vortexhealing.org