Mara discovers the Art of massage in 2014 and she becomes quickly dedicated to understand how physical manipulation can impact the body and the rest of the energetic system.

Her professional dance background makes her particularly skilled in treating the athlete and sport related injuries.

She trained in Tuina massage at the London School of QiGong and Tuina and is also qualified as a Sports massage therapist. She has been working as a freelance therapist and for some of the top London 5* Hotels.

She receives her clients at medical centre Physical Health Clinic, a short walk from Barbican, Moorgate or Liverpool Street. 

Tuina is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine and focuses on rehabilitation bodywork using a combination of Deep Tissue massage and Qi work.
It is believed to be the oldest form of bodywork.
Treatment incorporates the acupoint & meridian system of Acupuncture with the appropriate Tuina massage techniques to rectify, rebalance and harmonise the body and restoring the flow of Qi energy.

Deep Tissue is a massage technique that works on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It very effectively breaks up scar tissue and adhesion.

Targeting the major muscles groups and joints, it’s a proven aid in the recovery of sports related muscle tension, and tendon injury rehabilitation.

It can reduce inflammation by increasing the blood flow, ease chronic muscle pain and improve postural problems and stiffness.


Sports massage is a form of bodywork designed to help prevent injuries ( pre – event sports massage ), to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal conditions ( maintenance massage ) and to help athletes and people in active leisure recover from workouts and injuries.
it is also great to increase flexibility, decrease muscle and nerve tension ( neurological excitability ), decrease muscle spasm and increase joint range of motion.


Massage reinvented™: Percussive therapy is specifically designed to reach into the deeper layers of muscle ( 60% deeper muscle penetration ) and increase blood flow. it is used by more than 250 Pro Teams.
The Theragun® PRO has an amplitude of 16 mm with 60 pounds of stall force, meaning you can apply a massive amount of pressure to get deep into the tissues for ultimate massage recovery; oxygenating the muscles and flushing out toxins.


Clear your mind and unwind; this sensory relaxation experience is a building up of a variety of sensations through the use of smells, sounds, heat compresses, touch and movement that will lead you to complete catharsis. Inspired by the ultimate 5 * stars experience it’s a luxurious and pampering treatment especially loved by the ladies.

A more Holistic approach to therapeutic massage, following the initial assessment to ensure the massage is tailored for the client’s whole energetic system ( this include the physical body); this massage is a combination of different massage techniques, performed in synchronism of various array of tempo and depth. Musical accompaniment choice is also discussed with the client. Bring your best or worst mood, your trust and chill!
The session it’s carefully discussed with and specifically designed for the patient requirements
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*tuina/massage/bodywork and holistic healings are in general safe and beneficial for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of health condition and for their promotion of the general well being. However they are not intended and should not be used as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment recommended by your physicians.© is not purposed to replace medical diagnosis, treatment or advice.